Austin Kincaid
Animation, Design, Illustration


 Reckneck: Image Making Project | Personal Project

Prompted to create a series of images based off of a single word, the term “redneck” served as a launching point from which I designed several passes of frames. Brainstorming words that could be associated with what is typically a derogatory term referring to country folk, I decided to flip the stereotype on its head and, instead, create a more fun, light-hearted collage of redneck culture.

During the design phase, I utilized various media to create these experimental style frames ranging from found and scanned imagery, traditional drawing media (including graphite, ink, pastel, and paint), as well as digital tools and compositing techniques.

I then took a mix of my favorite frames to create a short animated piece utilizing choppy collage-style After Effects animation as well as some frame-by-frame animated type.