Austin Kincaid
Animation, Design, Illustration


Hi. I'm Austin.

Hi. I’m Austin. I’m a Los Angeles based motion designer, animator, and multidisciplinary creator with a passion for art, design, animation, and film. As a kid growing up in a sleepy Iowa town, I found myself immersed in one of life’s greatest pleasures: garage saling. Peoples’ trash became my treasures, and I was exposed to a wide variety of entertainment coming in the forms of second-hand video games, golden oldies on cassette tapes, and movies on VHS. From the moment I started drawing and sculpting to the first time I picked up a Panasonic camcorder, my mission has been to create content that exuberates the fun and excitement of the media I grew up with. Today, I continue this mission utilizing a plethora of digital tools and skill sets. Away from the computer, I am an avid bonsai enthusiast, hobbyist musician, and a collector of enamel pins and vintage cameras.

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